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There is only one day left in January how did that happen.

2013-01-31 00.17.47 HDR



Paper Polygons! So this is something that I will definitely be attempting again. In an effort to try and conserve printer ink, I tried just using one paper template per shape. I traced the shape and used a ruler to put in the fold lines. I really don’t recommend that doing that. Haha, mine look pretty decent from one side!

2013-01-30 02.13.42 HDR

But….. the other side is somewhat of a mess.

2013-01-30 02.14.04 HDR

Next time, I’ll print the template directly onto my card stock  so that the outline is more precise to get the proper shape. Using a ruler and something precise (such as a bone folder) to score the paper before folding might be helpful also. I made my score lines using the tip of a mechanical pencil and free-handing along the lines I had already drawn. It did work, in the end. I just know that I could do a much better job on this than what I produced tonight.


More yoyos tonight but I am at my boyfriends house and can not get my phone to upload the pocture 😡 its barely letting me type!


I bought some new Batiks for my yoyos and I am soo so excited about them!! I needed a little bit of pink in my life.

2013-01-28 02.22.31 HDR


I finished my headphones!! Super simple, just time consuming. A Chinese Staircase knot and a few dabs of clear nail polish to keep the end knots from unraveling.

2013-01-27 00.52.33



I bought this headband ages ago and I’ve literally never worn it. It’s kind of hard to tell, but it was far far too big to fit the head of anyone that I know.

2013-01-26 01.25.04

So I chopped it up!

2013-01-26 01.30.38 HDR

Fits like a charm now.

2013-01-26 01.52.23 HDR



2013-01-25 03.32.05 HDR

Such a cutieeee >.<


Sooo I REALLY wanted to have this done by tonight…

2013-01-23 20.50.43

But when I went looking for my second skein? loop? strand? of embroidery floss in that amazing aquamarine, it was nowhere to be found. Alas, another day goes by; another incomplete project.


In the meantime, more yoyos.

2013-01-24 02.07.35 HDR




Today I stuffed 1600 luggage tags and their little plastic holders into bags. That’s crafting, right?


2013-01-23 01.04.23


Insane laziness :/ all these green yoyos make me wish St. Patrick’s Day was even closer than it already is!


2013-01-22 03.23.57 HDR