01.02 – Legwarmer/Boot socks

Easiest. Thing. Ever.

If you haven’t yet tried this, you seriously need to. Like, I want you to have these in your life. So warm, super cute. and I’ll repeat myself; the EASIEST project in the world.

Obtain a sweater or cardigan. Be sure that the wrist cuffs fit around your leg where you’ll want to wear them, otherwise you’ll make more work for yourself. I purchased mine from Goodwill some time ago on a whim and hadn’t ever worn it. Remove the sleeves, and save the torso bit for another project or for scratch material. Here are my sleeves originally:

2013-01-02 01.10.28 HDR

Cute!! for a manga character…. Let’s fix, shall we?!

I rarely measure when fitting something for myself. Actually, scratch that. I’ve maybe one time properly measured and fitted a garment. It’s not for me! Perhaps I’m just lazy, but i don’t feel that it’s quite necessary most times. My trick, if you will, is to eyeball my measurements mostly. I slide in a few pins where I think my seam should go, and then just a very quick, very loose running stitch down the length.

2013-01-02 01.43.12 HDR

Knot your thread, remove pins, flip the garment right side out, and try on for size! If it’s still ill-fitting, try another running stitch in a different place. if it fits, flip inside out and machine stitch right over your existing seam. Snip off one knot of your test seam and pull the thread through. Trim excess and flip right side out one more time. TA-DA!!

2013-01-02 23.01.39 HDR

Easiest project ever 🙂


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