The first time I saw a yoyo quilt was watching Martha Stewart Living reruns while I was in high school, I remember the day, and I remember the flutter of my heart as I laid eyes on a masterpiece. The time, effort, and handiwork involved in, quite literally, every square inch created such a beautiful piece of art. It truly moved me.
Fast forward to Summer 2010 at a friend’s lake house, spread across the guest bed is a pristine example of my dream quilt. Right in front of my very eyes! It was everything I had imagined it would be. As we sat that night, watching Disney movies and drinking boxed wine, (cool right?) I wrapped myself up in that glorious blanket and reveled in it. All of it. Every bit of that bunchy, breezy goodness. I vowed that, one day, I would embark on a yoyo quilt of my very own.
 The thought of tracing, cutting, and hand stitching nearly two thousand little circles is oddly not a daunting one to me. Maybe it’s because of how strongly I want a quilt of my own, maybe I’m just mad. But because each individual yoyo goes super fast, it’s a fabulous way to get a quick handmade something in each day while ultimately working towards a larger final piece!
crayon batik
Trace circles onto the wrong side of fabric of your choosing. I love cardboard templates! My circle has a 4 inch diameter.
2013-01-04 00.22.43 HDR
Batik’s are my weakness. Cut out as many circles as your fingers/shears/nerves can handle.
2013-01-03 21.24.51 HDR
I hand press the edge of my circle in about 1/4 inch. This isn’t necessary, you could fold it as you sew. However,  I personally find the extra effort ahead of time results in a cleaner yoyo.
2013-01-03 21.31.40 HDR
Stitch, very close to the edge, around the outside of your circle. I like my yoyo’s nice and tight, so I use large stitches. For a loose yoyo, use itty-bitty stitches. Play around with stitch length until you have something you’re happy with!
2013-01-03 21.34.17 HDR
I suppose the quicker I’m started, the quicker I’ll be finished. Only 1,978 to go!! 🙂



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