So when I finally got home tonight, I found the new issue of Cosmo sitting on the table. Needless to say, I got distracted. My two day project has turned into a two day project with a yoyo day in the middle! I know you are as excited as I am.

2013-01-08 02.56.05 HDR

Note: I had planned on taking this picture on my cute zebra duvet, but the Butt decided to come in my room, go straight to my bed, and upchuck all over it.      -___-  So please, excuse my ratty fleece blanket! 


I’m currently at 25 yoyos and counting. It’s so much fun to watch my little pile grow! I’m going to need a storage container upgrade soon, the Ziploc sandwich baggie I’ve been using doesn’t look as if it will suffice much longer. I realized tonight that I had been making my stitches a little too big over the past few days. Things were getting a little sloppy; and while larger stitches create a tighter circle and small stitches a larger circle, apparently they may not be too large. Then you get a mess:

2013-01-08 03.21.31 HDR


I haven’t decided if I’ll go back and fix the crazy ones yet. I love that I learn new and better and easier (to me at least) techniques every time I sit down to work on these suckers. Who knew you could have so much fun with little pieces of fabric, huh?

SPEAKING of which, I’m so excited to work on my cushion! More on that soon….




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