2013-01-15 03.41.59

Meet my sister’s dog, Bruno. Cutie, right? Last week, my brother-in-law was cleaning out his closet and tossed a few old polos in the donation pile on the floor. Guess who wouldn’t leave them alone? So instead of getting rid of the shirts, my sister, Melissa, requested that I give them a new life. A doggie quilt!!

2013-01-14 15.20.53 HDR

Here is my pile of shirt fabric and scraps. (Scrap projects soon!!!)

2013-01-14 18.22.09 HDR

I chose a simple design that just happened to work with the number of squares I had in each color.

2013-01-15 02.24.02 HDR

Another few day project, but I am so so soo pleased with my results so far. This is my first attempt at any sort of quilt. I’m not following any rules, I barely measured, and I only pinned the first two columns of squares before I decided that it was taking too damn long and just winged it with the rest. But I’m really not at all worried. Can’t wait to see how it turns out!



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