The long awaited robot valentines!!!

2013-02-03 19.56.18 HDR

I am so overwhelming joyed at how they turned out, I think they’re adorable. Not exactly what I would classify as a frugal Valentine’s Day craft, especially when making 24 to hand out to classmates, but so cute none the less. This would also be an awesome kid’s birthday party favor if you changed the colors up a bit. Unfortunately, I can’t locate the blog where I originally found this idea, but here is the screenshot I took on my phone and used as inspiration:

2013-01-08 15.52.50


I really do regret not buying bigger googly eyes, the effect is extraordinary, hahaha.

2013-02-05 18.36.06 HDR

I used the same concept and just made a few of my own tweaks. Juicebox body, an individual box of Nerds for the head, a Starburst on either side for ears, pipe cleaners for the arms and antennae; all held on with hot glue. I decided to omit the Starburst used as feet. It’s impossible to tell with this picture, but I wonder if the example actually used a total of 4 Starburst underneath instead of the two visible. Seriously, getting a chubby box of HI-C to balance on top of two tiny little candies would have been no small feat.

My favorite part of the whole robots is the silver metallic papaer. Two dollars worth of scrapbook paper and I’d be willing to spend twice that if I had to. I think it really took this from a cute Valentine’s Day idea to an amazing Valentines Day craft that I am extremely proud of.

I spent some more time tonight putting my paper polygons together.

2013-02-05 03.09.55 HDR

It’s so fun to watch a flat piece of paper turn effortlessly into something so crisp and particularly formed.

2013-02-05 01.09.09 HDR

And baby blue kawaii Kitton Havoc making anime eyes at the camera, sucha cutie ^__^


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