I am SO OVERWHELMED with how much I LOVE this.

2013-02-06 00.13.57

It turned out so giant and colorful and perfect.

2013-02-06 00.15.28 HDR

This I actually made to spice up my boyfriend’s apartment, but now that I see the completion I realize I will be eternally jealous until I’ve created something similar for myself. Literally, I could probably attach little polygons to most everything I own.

Here is the blog post that inspired this project: minie.co.uk

Platonic solids garland, she calls it. I appreciate that so much. I did use her templates, but decreased the size of most of the shapes by 50%.  Also, I personally did NOT follow her advice and string my twine through as I went. I had made a few practice shapes and found that I , with my mattress needle, didn’t have a hard time at all. I probably would have gone crazy trying to glue the paper around my string while keeping everything neat and tidy. That being said, I’m also very impatient with myself and have three cats that looove to get into things on strings. It’s all about personal preference!




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