Two-fer on the 22nd, including the promised tutorial on french seams!

French Seams; these things are seriously my new favorite ever. So quick, so easy, and so neat! Essentially, you’ll be trapping one seam within another. If you have any hesitation on this whatsoever while reading, I greatly encourage you to grab a piece of scratch fabric and try. It’s so cool.

As an example, I decided to make a pillowcase. Easy straight lines to show what I am talking about and I looove this fabric. Start with whatever you need to do, I turned under just one side twice to the get that foldy edge part on the opening of my pillowcase.

Step 1.   Lay your piece exactly how it should be when it’s finished. Sew. (Sorry about the blur!)

2013-02-22 21.53.00

No, seriously. Stitch all the way around your project with the RIGHT sides facing OUT.  After stitching, trim your seam allowances to about as tiny as you feel comfortable. Don’t forget to clip corners! When you are all done with that, turn the piece inside out.

Step 2. Sew again.

2013-02-22 22.24.01

You’ll need to keep those tiny seam allowances inside your new seam to the right of your needle.  Here is where you are capturing that first seam inside the other.

And that is it! Because this leaves a nice finished seam on the inside, it’s a pretty perfect replacement if you don’t have a serger. Also, although I’m not entirely sure this is “right” in sewing, I noticed while making a few infinity scarves the other day that chiffon frays easily. (I can hear you sitting there thinking, “Uhm wow duh Maddie.”) And since the material is so sheer, I really didn’t want to be able to see the fraying seam through my finished scarf. I employed a French Seam in the production process and don’t think I’ll be having any problems!

2013-02-22 22.26.27 HDR


2013-02-19 19.05.44

I also had a lot of fun playing around with more polymer clay I tried my hand at a flower, and also had my first experimentation with beads!

2013-02-23 00.58.48

2013-02-23 01.29.27

2013-02-23 01.45.11


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