Here our a few of our kitchen drawers:

2013-03-06 03.22.33 HDR

The bottom is for bread, the middle contains chocolate, nuts, and dried fruit, with the top being left as an easy access junk drawer. Since this drawer is so handy and has no real purpose, other than being a junk drawer, it looks like this:

2013-03-06 00.03.13 HDR

And after jamming the top drawer full over and over again, we had a waterfall effect down to the next drawer:

2013-03-06 00.20.13 HDR

I wouldn’t have thought it possible, but here is the bottom:

2013-03-06 00.28.04 HDR

However, a few hours, an empty Fiber One box, and The Lizzie McGuire movie helped me to achieve junk drawer bliss.

2013-03-06 03.11.19



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