Monthly Archives: May 2013


Graham and I had some fun decorating paper for cranes tonight!


Tiny kitten Mercutio was super helpful.


I really don’t recommend using cardstock or most scrapbooking paper for any sort of origami, not that I may claim to know a thing about it. It is ver difficult, however, to get thick paper like this to do what you want it to. But I think they turned out cute!! And I will never complain if I get to include Graham in my crafts 🙂



A sample for a class that I’m to teach at work! I hated it in the instructions picture, but when I finished it turned out pretty cute in person! It’s much tinier that it seems. The top is filled to be a pincushion. The two brim flaps are stitched on just one side, meant to allow you to keep pins and sharps stuck through the felt. You could also carry bits of thread on cardboard or bobbins as long as you used maybe a safety pin or a quick stitch to secure it during transport. It’s kind of a neat little idea!


I’m not super crazy on the safari theme, maybe I could get behind floral with teal trim and an obnoxious gold button?

But then again, I’m also not really a hat person.



Trying to get in touch with my generation!!! But I suppose I am an old lady at heart. I ‘vine’d my craft tonight as I was working on it but I can’t seem to locate the embed function. No really, it’s supposed to be here after you share it to Twitter:


But I digress; the mission was successful and I am thrilled with results all around! Here is a link until I get the video embedded. Tell me what you think!!






Finished my banner!



Graham got a new kitten tonight! He is thinking of calling him Mercutio, Merc for short. (I love that, my brother has a little pug named Hercules we call Herc.)
He’s such a teeny guy, all black and full of energy. He arrived at midnight during a full moon, think that means anything?


In honor of this occult little gem, I busted out a scrap square of my skull fleece to fashion up a kitty toy! All I did was make a yoyo, but I love how fluffy it is.


Plus, I can stuff things in it! A cellophane to make it crinkle or some catnip if we’re feeling frisky. I hope he likes it! 🙂



I’ve never understood why people purchase party banners when scrapbooking paper is sooo cheap! This isn’t quite done but here we are for today:



This has got to be my last lazy craft day or I am going to run out of time!



So much hectic working!