Gahhh!! I am so bad at remembering to take a before photo! I promise, I will not forget next time.

I found this gem of a blazer at my favorite local thrift store. It was a really awful once-white-but-no-longer color with those standard spotty brownish buttons,  -____-  . BUT it fit and the shell was 100% cotton, meaning this $5 piece of outerwear could be successfully subjected to any natural fiber dye process that I may get my hands on. I decided to go simple with a basic teal dye-bath.


My mermaid alter ego had been screaming for gold buttons as soon as the color teal came to mind. Managed to refrain from purchasing gold fish buttons, as I become more my mother every day, and decided on some big gaudy looking things.


The jacket was just a bit too big in me. To compensate i really wanted the buttons to stand out. I think i did a pretty good job accomplishing that by tacking the lapel to the front of the blazer, and attaching the buttons on what was originally the inside of the lapel. I’m pretty stoked on how it turned out.




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