Day before! I am so excited I don’t know how I’m going to get any sleep at all.



Indulged a bit and bought rotary cutting wheel and a gigantic cutting mat, since my trusty fabric skids went astray and I had a blanket to finish! Of course I found the scissors in my bedroom as soon as I got home, but I’ve really needed a mat for some time now. And I know my mother is relieved. The wheel? I don’t think I will ever give that thing up after using it. I was slicing through four layers of fleece with a very few missed spots here and there which were probably my fault anyways.


I have no specific brand to suggest. Although, I did buy a super cheap no brand scissors/rotary combo on clearance at Michael’s a long time. The scissors weren’t too bad, but the wheel was absolute garbage; no matter what I did, the safety guard would not stay put while I tried to cut. I was unsuccessful literally every time.

Point being: if you’re going to use something on more separate occasions than the number of dollars that you spent, I believe it’s worth it.


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