Finally, the day arrived. I threw my sister, Melissa, a baby shower and, and I need to give a gigantic thank you to my wonderful parents and best friend Karson for making everything flow so seamlessly.  She has a six year old through marriage, and my brother and sister-in-law just welcomed THEIR new baby into the family, so I am already an auntie. But Nate and Sarah live in Portland and I didn’t meet Landon until he was almost four I believe, so I am SO unbelievably excited to meet this new baby and experience what it’s like to have a tiny little life around.  Melissa and her husband, Adam, made the decision not to discover the gender of their baby. Understandable, we will love him or her no matter what. It does, however, make planning ahead as a shower host difficult! Luckily, this is what their 8 week ultrasound looked like a sea turtle:

Image(taken with permission from Facebook)

I think the initial turtle theme of sorts started a bit as a joke, but more and more I saw the light in my sister’s eyes as it became a sort of symbol for the little bundle of love her body was working so hard to create.  Once the room colors were sorted out, I hit the ground running.  I’ll try not to bore you, as literally every step of preparation for this shower has been featured on this site as my daily craft.

Knowing that I would have a shower to plan, I spent a lot of time on the internet and Pinterest collecting ideas and inspiration. I really recommend checking out

The Rubyspikes Guide to Hosting a Baby Shower That Doesn’t Suck.

Unfortunately I am having some major technical diggiculties getting pictures and can’t upload tonight! 

Let the suspension rise….  Here is a little taste.



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