I’d been thinking it was the 12th all day -___-

Today, my mother and I were on our street driving home from work when we see a tiny juvenile squirrel planted right in the middle of the rode. He just froze, wouldn’t run to either side, and he kept picking up his little feet like the ground was too hot to stand on! I got out of the car to try and shoo him off, and he just turned and tried to take a step towards me! As if he wanted me to pick him up! No matter what I did, he refused to scurry away. My mom, at this point, is literally sitting in the middle of the street with the car running, she tells me to grab a towel and try to kind of swoosh it at him. I brush the towel against his little body, and he reached out and grabbed it as if I were offering a toddler a long-lost security blanket that had just been found. I didn’t know what to do! My mom left her car and came to help. I handed her the towel and she tried once more.

Finally, he ended up climbing into the towel while it was draped on the ground and she pulled him on it into the grass. He never seemed scared or defensive, just confused and wobbly. Nervous for his health, safety, and that he could have been carrying something, we contacted our local wildlife rescue to ask if we could bring him in.


As we returned with a box and a fresh towel, he seemed excited! It was crazy, as if he recognized us from just a few minutes before and was like, “Oh hey guys what up!!” He had moved to the other side of the sidewalk, farther from the road thankfully, but he still seemed off. The way he looked, it was like his legs couldn’t support the weight of his body.

We have awesome trees in our back yard, with one permanent squirrel we think is a girl, we call her “Stubby,” plus several others that come and go. Just a few days ago, my mother had seen a “teenager” squirrel, just like this one, running up and down and back and forth ‘tween the trees no problemo so we knew something was up with our lil guy. We got him into the box and went our way just down the road to the rescue. I had already spoken with them on the phone, and someone came to grab him right away. Our biggest concern was distemper, two of our kitties haven’t had that vaccine yet. We learned, however, that squirrels aren’t susceptible to distemper! I overheard her say that it looked like something was going on with his foot? I’m not sure, and I didn’t get to say a proper goodbye, but it’s okay. I was told I may call in a day or two to see how he’s doing. Maybe they’ll allow me to release him, or if not I believe they do try to release them very close to where the animal was originally found. I’m going to keep my fingers crossed that, when he does come home safe, he’ll find his way into our trees 🙂

And that Stubby will take a liking to him and let him move in, she’s pretty territorial.

****I really feel that I need to put a disclaimer on this post.

Please use EXTREME caution when dealing with any wild animal. If possible, ask for professional help. Or at least, assistance/advice from someone who you know has experience in dealing with a rescue situation. Do NOT assume that you know what is best. Don’t use your bare hands. Never attempt to approach any animal who is showing signs of aggression. Be extremely careful not to let yourself be scratched or bitten. IF YOU HAVE PETS, be aware of what germs you may have picked up by handling a wild animal, and know how to prevent passing them on.

I would never say that helping any animal in need is a bad choice, but improper handling and care may cause more problems than there were to begin with. Plus, if that animal were to cause you harm? Not only do you still have to reconcile the fact that there is a now proven dangerous wild animal in your immediate vicinity, you’re also probably in some pain, and now have an unknown amount of medical bills to look forward to.

Rarely will you be in a position that you head out knowing that you’ll be involved in a rescue. All I am trying to say is: If you believe that you are the type of person who would have to stop and help a wild animal if you saw the need, plan ahead and do your internet research as soon as possible. You really never know when it may come in handy.****

OH DUH! THIS IS A CRAFT BLOG! I did a yoyo also 🙂



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