My brother came to visit! Seriously, one of the coolest people I will ever know.

When I wasn’t spending time with my family, I was busy working on excavating my bedroom. This process occurs every few months, and typically ends with a half sorted pile of laundry and extraneous things remaining in the middle of the room and my being too busy to finally finish. Things eventually start accumulating and, before I know it, I literally can no longer move inside my room.

This time, I started with putting every scrap of laundry away as I pulled it out of the drier, before I had to deal with the next load. This kept me from being overwhelmed and just ignoring it for later. I really think that it’s going to make a huge difference, not having a big pile of clothing that I can just throw things on top of. I also semi hid my hamper, so I can’t throw clean items in as I’m deciding what to wear.

I also did another yoyo šŸ™‚



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