So I should probably elaborate a little more on why Mercutio’s collar was so easy. 2 dollar clearance kitty collar with a break-away buckle, normal gold chain used for jewelry making, seam ripper, and pliers was all it took! Slice the threads holding the buckle pieces on, attach pieces to an appropriate length of gold chain, BOOM! Baller ass kitten.

But for today, remember when I said i thought I needed a watch? Well I bought one:


Super awesome looking super cheaply made but >$8 I can dig it. Reading the reviews before purchase, I knew it was probably going to be gigantic on me. Upon arrival I was not proven wrong, quickly I set to find a cure so that I may begin to enjoy my new watch.

The links were weird, probably definitely not something sold with the intention of being messed with. Instead of each link being secured with some sort of pin, there were two rods on each link with a separate piece that connected one rod each from two different links.


I took two links from one side and one link from the other. Reviews also recommended a few coats of clear nail polish over the rhinestones on the face. Once I let that dry, I proudly sported my new watch all afternoon 🙂



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