I taught my first class at work today! It was for that tiny hat-pincushion I made a while back. The class had five adorable and talkative little girls in it. I definitely had not prepared myself in the matter of answering questions and being available to help. Thank goodness one of my coworkers was available to help most of the time, so none of the girls got left behind. There were a lot of knots to be untied. I caught myself a time or two doing something for them and would quickly switch the project to the girls hands, to try and guide her through the process instead of just getting it done.


Overall, I had a lot of fun. The whole experience made me feel old and young and helpful all at the same time. I would never consider myself a hand-sewing expert, not even close. But I can say that I do have quite a bit of experience and I know what works for me, and it was nice to be able to share that and feel like it may be something that they keep with them. I remember the very first thing I ever whipstitched, you know?

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