Exciting day!!!


This is the material that Graham’s couch is covered in:


Horrific. Why WHY anyone ever decided that this sort of texture is what people should lounge on is beyond me, but they SHOULDN’T. Which is exactly what Graham had in mind when he asked me to cover it up for him 🙂


This isn’t a proper re-upholstery project, mind, although I am sewing the fabric onto the couch. I’m doing my best to keep it neat and tidy, but I’ve been instructed that simply getting it done takes much higher precedence over the way it’ll look in the end.




However, not worrying about the way something will look has never really been my style. Which means I am going to try and take the time I need to really attach everything down, even if it takes a few days.

So far I have the exposed side covered (above picture), the whole back piece, and two sides of Graham’s cushion stitched down. His’ll be the red and brown. I really like it so far, and so does Mercutio 🙂





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