SUPER exciting day! I was sitting and thinnking about candles for some reason earlier today, home made candles actually. Specifically, my mind jumped to wooden-wicked candles and I really wondered what qualified a thin strip of wood to be deemed wickable, if you will.

Well, from what I could find on Google, it doesn’t seem to take too much.  None of the companies I found who sell wooden wicks for candle making list what sort of wood they use. Someone out there must have some idea what would work best, to be sure.  The proper burning temperature, evenness, precise decible at which the wood crackles, whatever. But for an everyday crafter such as ourselves, something that ignites, melts the wax, and stays lit reliably is quite what we’d be after, is it not?

But Maddie! Wicks are decently cheap and readily available at any local craft store!

Truuuuuu –  but free is better than cheap right? And do you know what probably looks a million times cooler?

Twigs. Twigs? Yes.

This was just an experiment, but it totally worked. CAN NOT WAIT to continue to play with this.

Condition your twigck by dipping it in wax three times. Maybe more or less would work better? This may not even be necessary! But it worked for this time. Make sure to let the wax cool for at least 30 seconds ‘tween each dip.  Once solidified, you’re good to go on with making your candle!


Use leaves to hold wick in place if you’d please, they held quite sturdy and pulled right off the wax!

Let set entirely.

2013-08-24 00.06.41


2013-08-24 00.07.20

I let it burn for about 20 minutes before blowing it out, let it sit for a minute, and lit it again with no problem.

You guys, this was just a dead dried up old twig from my backyard, how cool is this seriously.

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