Wax shavings melt quickly but take up a deceiving amount of space before hand, this liquified to about half this size. So I added more!



One day I will begin using a double-boiler so the tops of my candles look nice.  Today is not that day. 🙂 Next I put in some color!



 I only used half the crayon in hopes that it won’t smell of burning crayon when lit. Then, as I forgot to grab a leaf on my way inside, and it is very late in the night and I don’t want to disturb my sleeping family, I quickly rigged up a paperclip contraption to hold my twigck in place.




Ta Da! I did not condition this twig as I did last time, That is to say, I didn’t dip the whole twig thrice in wax and let dry before using, as I dubbed “conditioning” in my last experiment, This twig is also significantly thicker that the last I used. I am very excited to see how it works! Update tomorrow.

And now we wait go to sleep.


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