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It wouldn’t be Christmas Eve if I didn’t stay up way too late.

Awesome baby pun credit goes to Graham 🙂



It’s about super crunch time and I’m having a lot of trouble with the gifts I know that I’m making, causing me to stress out even more over the gifts that I’ve still not yet decided on.







Kitty Christmas tree, complete with a (hidden) jingle bell to make things interesting and festive.



I really need someone to come take a photo of Mercutio that will truly do his eyes the justice they deserve.


One almost 100% finished Christmas present! (I need velcro 😦 ) And another just getting started.




‘Tis the season for maniacal gift crafting and obscure blog posts.



I would have finished this tonight had my sewing machine not started behaving erratically. Although I believe I’ve fixed the problem, I just don’t have the energy to continue tonight. I’m very happy with my progress so far though 🙂


Remember this old thing from like, March? Oh trust me, I do, Graham would never let me forget.

I think I finally have the confidence to tackle the rest 🙂



Keeping up with my embroidery theme that apparently is, and also beginning to celebrate a touch of Christmas spirit. Inspired by this.




Happy Thanksgiving!

I added some embroidery to Graham’s bath towel tonight so we could attempt to tell them apart 🙂



I tried getting rid of this shirt a long time ago, and when I ran across it tonight in my parents basement my first thought was, “WHYY I love the cut and the color!”



I quickly remembered that I really hated the tiny unnecessary pocket. Luckily, I have come to my senses and realized that there is no need to keep clothing the way it was when you bought it if something makes you unhappy and you know how to fix it.



Similarly goes this soccer emblem. I love the jacket, it’s from my high school and made by Nike. Tiniest problem: I didn’t play soccer for my high school, or ever, on that note (the jacket was given to my by a friend). And I don’t particularly want to wear something around casually as if I had. So I am going to fix it 🙂

Machine embroidery is going to be a lot of fun trying to pick out with a seam ripper.


I am still a long way from having enough yoyos to finish an entire quilt but I thought it was time for me to finally put a few together…